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Getting Started with Writing Is Half the Battle

PostNapisane: 15 maja 2022, o 19:26
przez karljrockwell
Getting Started with Writing Is Half the Battle


The very first attempts at first glance are considered trifling by many graduate students. At the same time, the beginning sets the student the pace of development of the study itself. Here are some important points to get you started.
  • When choosing a topic, it is important that it be interesting to the applicant himself. Thus, you should remember everything that you went through in your student years. But at the same time, in addition to interests, one should take into account its relevance, as well as the novelty and potential for the development of the idea in the future. If the topic has been studied by someone, then you simply may not be allowed to defend it.
  • Before reading all the regulatory documents, you should ask your supervisor which of them may be valid.
  • Drawing up a specific work plan, which is considered as a mandatory part of your initial process. After writing it, it is advisable for you to ask a personal supervisor, and, if necessary, correct a similar element in your work.


Only if you have been able to complete the first steps on your dissertation can you begin to complete the main one. This will allow you to fully concentrate on certain studies without thinking about an unfinished plan in the future.



Secrets to make it easier to work with the main part


In order to correctly write all parts of the work, you should do them in turn, so that the creation of the work lines up in a certain chain. Writing an introduction, a theoretical, as well as a practical part - that's the whole relationship of information. There is also another spelling option - parallel writing of some paragraphs. At the time of writing the theory, certain ideas sometimes come up in order to correctly complete the practical section. It will be important not to “lose” them out of sight and memory.


You should not violate following the laws of logic at the time of writing the dissertation work: the submitted thought, hypotheses or other conclusions cannot contradict each other. In this case, it is not always possible to avoid contradictions, then you need to describe some comments on them.


At the time of writing the main part, certain needs for additional sources may appear. Do not be afraid to use them by adding and changing the original list of sources. Do not delay writing the theoretical part, as will redo it more than once, removing the superfluous and adding the necessary.


After writing the outline, you should give it to the review of certain specialists. Only after that you will be able to show it to the supervisor. An edited work can be a great advantage and can play into the hands of any student on defense.


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