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Modern Types Of Scientific Articles

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Modern Types Of Scientific Articles

Post4 sie 2022, o 15:58

Modern Types Of Scientific Articles


New types of classification of scientific articles. Some modern textbooks and writing companies use the basics of scientific research provide an interesting classification of scientific articles, keeping up with the times:
  • meta- articles (literature review) - the same traditional review article, which received a beautiful fashionable name, in such articles the authors can give their critical reasoning about the analyzed materials, an example of such an article is "Modern discourse on the word-formation system of nouns";
  • "Battle of materials" - articles that compare different views on any problem, the author opposes them, adding his own reasoning, an example of such a publication: "Is education reform really necessary?"
  • articles "hit parades" contain a list of actual terms, opinions, formulas, theories, methods, hypotheses. Such articles have flashy, as for the scientific style of the title: "New methods in domestic and foreign psychology for determining the level of stress."


As you can see, these fashionable articles have a common basis - the selection of the freshest materials for comparison and determination of the degree of study of the problem.


Features of theses


Abstracts are a kind of articles that stands apart from the listed classifications, since they can declare different goals and ways to achieve them.


Theses differ from other articles, first of all, in the peculiarities of the composition. To arrange everything correctly, consulting with is never a bad idea. They consist of separate logically interrelated theoretical information and the author's reasoning. All the material is composed of theses, like a puzzle, and as a result, it provides a full disclosure of the problem. Each thesis begins with a new paragraph.


Abstracts are much smaller than classic articles in terms of volume, it ranges from 1.5 to 3 pages of printed text. Despite the peculiarities, theses, like other scientific articles, must meet the general requirements: writing in a scientific style, traditional structure.


Tips for writing different types of articles


Let's see some tips for students that are having trouble with writing an article. When asked, experts said that you should pay close attention to:
  • You need to decide on the type of article before you sit down to write it, this will help to avoid modifications or even a complete rework of a future publication.
  • If you choose a theoretical article, make sure that theoretical materials from various sources do not contradict each other or you’re reasoning.
  • Before writing review articles, you need to clearly determine which sources you will analyze (modern, specific stage of development in science or a whole time period), and then look for literature.
  • If you have ventured into a full-length publication, think over the topic well so that there is enough material for its disclosure for a large number of pages, and do not even think about filling the “space with water”, otherwise, against the background of other publications, yours will not look very good, to put it mildly.
  • Whichever type you choose, it should meet the general requirements for writing scientific articles.
  • In one article, you can combine several types, but you need to do this only if you are sure of the result, it is better to consult with the scientific advisor.


Now all varieties of the genre of a scientific article are sorted out on the shelves, it remains only to choose the appropriate one.

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